Cutter Putter


What’s so special about the Cutter Putter?

The Cutter Putter is the first golf club that delivers the perfect pendulum swing in the Conventional, the Side Saddle, and the new Straight Arrow stance.

It’s not a belly putter and it’s not a traditional putter. It’s an innovative club that combines a new style of putting with a new style of putter.

The Cutter Putter will improve your golf game by cutting strokes off the green and increasing your pleasure as it helps you sink more putts more often.

New to the World of Golf

The Cutter Putter is the first and only putter that:

  • Creates the perfect pendulum by itself
  • Allows you to focus on where to putt, not how to putt
  • Improves your accuracy by 68%
  • Lets you to putt from your most comfortable position
  • Equips you better to read the line

Address the ball and Cutter will do the rest.

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Learn More

The Cutter Putter is the first club that can be used in three different stances

  • Straight Arrow
  • Conventional
  • Side Saddle

In all three stances, Cutters shaft and your intended line become one.