Cutter Putter

Try the New Cutter Putter! You'll Love It!

Check Out What These First Time Users Say

"Wonderful. Easy and smooth as silk. Those four footers used to wreck my game. Now their as good as a gimme.""

Artie Hilliard

"This is without a doubt the best balanced club in my bag. And it works. Only two rounds with Cutter and already three strokes off my game."

Dave Barretto


Lisa S

"I love the game of golf.  This is my club. And thank you Cutter family for my initials on it. It works great and looks great."

Danny C. 

"You gave me the perfect pendulum.  I didn't have to work at it. Balls go to the cup like a magnet was drawing them in."

Mick Valencia

"Love the feel and the weight. Perfect. I live on L.I. and have played the Black at Bethpage. Now, after spending some time on the practice green all I can say is... look out Black, here we come."

Aaron Scheckter

"Where the heck has this been all my life. Fantastic. And that's a under statement."

Jacob Soloman 

"After 40 years of golf, and dozen's of clubs, I didn't think any club could make me smile as much as this has.  Thanks for lowering my score and putting fun back in my game. "

Jenny Berman

"The perfect weight, the perfect swing, the perfect pendulum. What more could I ask for.  It's the GREATEST."

Eddie Bienstock

"It ain't rocket science. Here's what I found out, It's not how I bend or freeze my arms or bounce on my feet that sinks the putt, it's how good I am at picking the line and judging the distance. Do that and this club will put the ball in the hole. It's simple."

Frank Barsalona