Cutter Putter

The Cutter Putter Story

The founder of the CUTTER PUTTER began his love of golf as a caddie at the famed Bethpage Black course in Long Island, New York. After caddying "The Black" for a short time, one of the older caddies gave him some advice, saying, "You'd better learn the game quick and learn it good. If you don't, it will tear you apart."

In his early days at Black, the young caddie was haunted by a question as he watched and learned. Why didn't golfers take their shot from the same spot they were in when they were finding the line? Why didn’t they putt from behind the ball? The young caddie studied his hitting, chipping, and putting for years, and developed an honorable game. But he was always missing the hole on those ten-footers, often on the 18th green, which always left a sour taste in his month. Until he decided to do something about it.
Some years later, he created a putter that would give golfers options, allow them to lower their handicap, and put a smile in their game as they sink more putts. The Cutter Putter will change the way you feel about golf, making it easier and more fun.